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Andries, Marianne and Haddad, Valentin (2017) Information Aversion. TSE Working Paper, n. 17-779, Toulouse

Attar, Andrea, Mariotti, Thomas and Salanié, François (2017) Entry-Proofness and Market Breakdown under Adverse Selection. TSE Working Paper, n. 17-788, Toulouse

Awad, Edmond, Bonnefon, Jean-François, Caminada, Martin, Malone, Thomas and Rahwan, Iyad (2017) Experimental assessment of aggregation principles in argumentation-enabled collective intelligence. ACM Transactions on Internet Technology, 17 (3).


Berquier, Roger (2017) La participation des entreprises aux travaux de standardisation de la comptabilité environnementale : le cas de l’affichage environnemental des produits de grande consommation. École Doctorale Sciences de Gestion TSM (Toulouse).

Biais, Bruno, Declerck, Fany and Moinas, Sophie (2017) Who supplies liquidity, how and when? TSE Working Paper, n. 17-818, Toulouse

Biais, Bruno, Heider, Florian and Hoerova, Marie (2017) Optimal margins and equilibrium prices. TSE Working Paper, n. 17-819, Toulouse

Biais, Bruno, Mariotti, Thomas, Moinas, Sophie and Pouget, Sébastien (2017) Asset pricing and risk sharing in a complete market: An experimental investigation. TSE Working Paper, n. 17-798, Toulouse

Bonnefon, Jean-François (2017) Reasoning unbound: Thinking about Morality, Delusion and Democracy. Palgrave Macmillan UK ISBN 978-1-137-60048-6

Bonnefon, Jean-François and Borau, Sylvie (2017) The advertising performance of non-ideal female models as a function of viewers' body mass index: a moderated mediation analysis of two competing affective pathways. International Journal of Advertising, 36 (3). pp. 457-476.

Bonnefon, Jean-François and Borau, Sylvie (2017) The imaginary intrasexual competition: Advertisements featuring provocative female models trigger women to engage in indirect aggression. Journal of Business Ethics. pp. 1-19.

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Bonnefon, Jean-François and Holtgraves, Thomas M. (2017) Experimental approaches to linguistic (im)politeness. In: Palgrave handbook of linguistic (im)politeness Palgrave Macmillan UK. ISBN 978-1-137-37507-0

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Bonnefon, Jean-François and Trémolière, Bastien (2017) Moral inferences. Psychology Press ISBN 978-1138937987

Busca, Laurent (2017) Le façonnement des marchés par les pratiques marketing routinières : une application au Social Media Management. École Doctorale Sciences de Gestion TSM (Toulouse).


Degorre, Aline (2017) Le placement de marques dans une expérience de consommation musicale : enjeux et mesure. École Doctorale Sciences de Gestion TSM (Toulouse).

Dow, James, Goldstein, Itay and Guembel, Alexander (2017) Incentives for Information Production in Markets where Prices Affect Real Investment. Journal of the European Economic Association, 15 (4). pp. 877-909.

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Décamps, Jean-Paul and Villeneuve, Stéphane (2017) Jusqu'où les compagnies d'assurance peuvent-elles investir dans le financement des dettes des PME/ETI ? : How Far Can Insurance Companies Invest in SMEs Debt Financing? Revue d'économie financière (126). pp. 231-240.


Favier, Roxane (2017) Reconstruction discursive des carrières de pratiques oenophiles. Le cas des aficionados de vin en France et en Argentine. École Doctorale Sciences de Gestion TSM (Toulouse).


Goetzmann, Will, Le Bris, David and Pouget, Sébastien (2017) The Present Value Relation Over Six Centuries: The Case of the Bazacle Company. TSE Working Paper, n. 17-794, Toulouse


Moinas, Sophie, Nguyen, Minh and Valente, Giorgio (2017) Funding Constraints and Market Illiquidity in the European Treasury Bond Market. TSE Working Paper, n. 17-814, Toulouse


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Ruspil, Thomas (2017) Le statut, l'identification et le rôle des e-leaders d'opinion dans les réseaux sociaux internet. École Doctorale Sciences de Gestion TSM (Toulouse).


Soyer Roussillon, Claude (2017) Rémunération fixe et rémunération variable, une approche différenciée et contextualisée de la motivation autonome par la théorie de l'autodétermination. École Doctorale Sciences de Gestion TSM (Toulouse).

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