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1. Domingo, Bruno (2017) Douanes et gouvernement de la sécurité : étudier le policing et le champ de la sécurité par ses marges. École doctorale Droit et Science Politique (Toulouse).
2. Kaplan, Hillard, Rowan, Chris, Thomas, Gregory, Thompson, Randall, Trumble, Benjamin C., Wann, Samuel, Allam, Adel, Beheim, Bret A., Frohlich, Bruno, Lombardi, Guido, Bedi, Ram, Garcia, Angela, Stieglitz, Jonathan, Sutherland, Linda, Min, James, Sutherland, James, Finch, Caleb, Gurven, Michael, Michalik, David, Narula, Jagat and Rodriguez, Daniel (2017) Coronary atherosclerosis in indigenous South American Tsimane: a cross-sectional cohort study. Lancet, 389 (10080). pp. 1730-1739. Item not available from this repository.
3. Kaplan, Hillard, Trumble, Benjamin C., Stieglitz, Jonathan, Narula, Jagat, Gurven, Michael and Thomas, Gregory (2017) Diet, atherosclerosis, and helminthic infection in Tsimane. Lancet, 390 (10107). Item not available from this repository.
4. Stieglitz, Jonathan, Trumble, Benjamin C., Kaplan, Hillard and Gurven, Michael (2017) Horticultural activity predicts later localized limb status in a contemporary pre-industrial population. American Journal of Physical Anthropology, 163 (3). pp. 425-436. Item not available from this repository.
5. Glowacki, Luke, Wilson, Michael and Wrangham, Richard (2017) The evolutionary anthropology of war. Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization. Item not available from this repository.
6. Schwartz, Kathryn (2017) Book history, print, and the Middle East. History Compass. Item not available from this repository.
7. Bovet, Jeanne, Barkat-Defradas, Mélissa, Durand, Valérie, Faurie, Charlotte and Raymond, Michel (2017) Women's attractiveness is linked to expected age at menopause. Journal of Evolutionary Biology, 31 (2). pp. 229-238. Item not available from this repository.
8. Boyd, Robert, Hochberg, Michael E., Marquet, Pablo A. and Wagner, Andreas (2017) Innovation: an emerging focus from cells to societies. Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences, 372 (1735). Item not available from this repository.
9. Cremer, Helmuth, Gahvari, Firouz and Pestieau, Pierre (2017) Uncertain altruism and the provision of long term care. Journal of Public Economics, 151. pp. 12-24. Item not available from this repository.
10. Gazmuri, Ana (2017) School Segregation in the Presence of Student Sorting and Cream-Skimming: Evidence from a School Voucher Reform. , Toulouse


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