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Auray, Stéphane and Fève, Patrick (2003) Are Monetary Models with Exogenous Money Growth Rule Able to Match the Taylor Rule? IDEI Working Paper, n. 231

Auray, Stéphane and Fève, Patrick (2003) Money Growth and Interest Rate Rules : Is There an Observational Equivalence? IDEI Working Paper, n. 232

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Le Breton, Michel and Weber, Shlomo (2003) Secession-Proof Cost Allocations and Stable Group Structures in Models of Horizontal Differentiation. IDEI Working Paper, n. 210

Le Breton, Michel and Weber, Shlomo (2003) Stable Partitions in a Model with Group-Dependent Feasible Sets. IDEI Working Paper, n. 209

Lerner, Josh and Tirole, Jean (2003) Efficient Patent Pools. IDEI Working Paper, n. 211

Lerner, Josh and Tirole, Jean (2003) The Scope of Open Source Licensing. IDEI Working Paper, n. 219


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Rey, Patrick and Tirole, Jean (2003) A Primer on Foreclosure. IDEI Working Paper, n. 203

Rochet, Jean-Charles (2003) Rebalancing the 3 Pillars of Basel 2. IDEI Working Paper, n. 224


Saint-Paul, Gilles (2003) Cumulative Innovation and Information Sharing in Business Networks. IDEI Working Paper, n. 225

Saint-Paul, Gilles (2003) Quels instruments pour une politique environnementale ? IDEI Working Paper, n. 171


Versaevel, Bruno and De Villemeur, Étienne (2003) Conflict and Cooperation on R&D Markets. IDEI Working Paper, n. 191

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