Grobert, Julien, Cuny, Caroline and Fornerino, Marianela (2022) Time to embrace change: A longitudinal study of logo change in a higher education institution. Décisions Marketing, vol. 105 (n° 1). pp. 159-176.

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• Research objectives
Logo change is an important part of a brand’s life cycle. However, there is a risk that the level of congruence between a new logo and the perceived image of a brand is insufficient and thus that a preference for the old logo persists. This research aims to better understand the acceptance of a logo change among customers and prospects over time.
• Methodology
Our research was conducted following an actual logo change in a longitudinal process (three data collections over three years). A battery of behavioral, implicit and explicit measures was collected regarding logo perceptions (old and new) and their levels of congruence with the perceived brand image.
• Results
This study shows that over time, the perception of a new logo evolves favorably, explicitly or implicitly, through a process of updating data (repeated exposure to the new logo) and that this evolution occurs more quickly among prospects than among customers.
• Implications
Organizations that decide to change their logo will ultimately achieve strategic success. While there may be some initially negative reactions to logo change, a new logo will generally be accepted by stakeholders within a few months.
• Originality
The study was carried out in situ, following an actual logo change with real customers and prospects. Moreover, it was conducted over three years, and an original methodology (explicit and implicit measures) was implemented.

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Date: January 2022
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Uncontrolled Keywords: changement radical de logo, congruence, marque, attachement, temporalité
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