Chavoya Pena, Arturo and Duthen, Yves (2008) A Cell Pattern Generation Model Based on an Extended Artficial Regulatory Network. Bio Systems, 94.

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Identification Number : 10.1016/j.biosystems.2008.05.015


Cell pattern generation has a fundamental role in both artificial and natural development. This paper presents results from a model in which a genetic algorithm (GA) was used to evolve an artificial regulatory network (ARN) to produce predefined 2D cell patterns through the selective activation and inhibition of genes. The ARN used in this work is an extension of a model previously used to create simple geometrical patterns. The GA worked by evolving the gene regulatory network that was used to control cell reproduction, which took place in a testbed based on cellular automata (CA). After the final chromosomes were produced, a single cell in the middle of the CA lattice was allowed to replicate controlled by the ARN found by the GA, until the desired cell pattern was formed. The model was applied to the problem of generating a French flag pattern.

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Date: June 2008
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