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Bolte, Jérôme, Nguyen, Trong Phong, Peypouquet, Juan and Suter, Bruce W. (2017) From error bounds to the complexity of first-order descent methods for convex functions. Mathematical Programming, 165 (2). pp. 471-507.

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Alvarez, Felipe, Bolte, Jérôme, Bonnans, Frédéric and Silva-Àlvarez, Francisco José (2012) Asymptotic expansions for interior penalty solutions of control constrained linear-quadratic problems. Mathematical Programming, 135 (n°1-2). pp. 473-507.

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Attouch, Hédy and Bolte, Jérôme (2009) On the Convergence of the Proximal Algorithm for Nonsmooth Functions Involving Analytic Features. Mathematical Programming, 116 (1-2). pp. 5-16.

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